My research proposal

Welp, time’s up. I’ve been rattling my brain for ideas since my last blog post, and I’ve discovered no new ideas. So, I’m proposing researching why many businesses in Voorhees, NJ seem to fail. I don’t understand why so many places close when there are so many people around to buy buy buy. The township spent nearly the past decade overhauling the Voorhees Town Center (formerly known as the Echelon Mall), and yet it seems the project isn’t bearing any fruit.

Because I come from a journalism background, my first inclination is to write this piece in the form of a feature article. I realize, however, that this is completely inimical to our assignment, which is meant to challenge the way we think about composing text. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying my hand at poetry, for example, but how the heck would I write a poem about a shut down Fuddrucker’s? If you couldn’t already tell, I’m struggling with my own creativity here (or lack thereof, actually).

I thought I was lost in my own mind scrounging around for inspiration, but then I opened up Writer’s Digest to look for publications to submit my currently nebulous idea to. I had hoped there would be an economics section in the table of contents, but no such luck. There are a few semi-local business magazines, Somerset Business Magazine and Mercer Business Magazine, but I am not even sure if those would be appropriate for my subject matter. Maybe it does because it relates to businesses closing … ?

I’m always willing to learn, but I’m afraid this topic might not get me very far as far as writing a research project is concerned. I don’t know anything about running businesses or designing shopping centers, but the issues of an aching economy are pertinent enough that just about anyone would be interested in reading about one case. If I could interview architects and planners who worked on the construction of the town center, owners and employees of failed businesses (or even successful ones to find out their secrets), that would give me some insight into which direction I want to take my writing in.

As you can see, I’m not 100 percent confident in the topic I’ve chosen for this research project. I realize this is only a proposal, but I am already getting nervous about tackling such an enormous endeavor. I think I might need to pay Dr. Wolff a visit during his office hours this week for some guidance because I already feel lost (and I haven’t even started anything yet). Yikes!


3 responses to “My research proposal

  1. Courier News series? Some of the journalism department adjuncts probably have local newspaper contacts.

    …don’t mind me, just wasting some time while my half-written proposal languishes ON PAPER a few feet away…

  2. The fact that you don’t know anything about running a business is a good thing for the sake of this project—and for research projects overall—because you are then able to learn about that subject.

    This topic, however, I’m not completely sure is the best one. It is often quite hard to research what is missing—the business that is no longer there, for example. The fact may very well be that people just can’t afford to buy in this economic climate, regardless of what the town does to remodel. And if this is the case, then you’re stuck with nowhere to go.

    So, I’d like you to try to think of something else, something that is going to similarly challenge you. Please post your new proposal by noon this coming Tuesday.


  3. I think you are on the right track trying to research something you know nothing about. I think; however, it might suit you to look at Writer’s Market first and see the types of publications that are available to give you ideas of what to research. One idea that I had was researching The Broadway Theater in Pitman and I came up with the idea after seeing all the literary magazines that would take a literary story I’d write about that idea. Good luck!

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