Research topic brainstorm

Oh boy. Here’s where I usually stumble: the very beginning. I’m tasked with selecting a topic for my research project, with the caveat that the subject be one I know nothing about. Hmmm …

If we’re going to keep it local, I’d be curious to know why gyms/fitness centers seem to be closing left and right around my area. The Colosseum in Voorhees shut down almost eight years ago, then a few years later the YMCA in Voorhees shut its doors, too. A year ago, Bally’s Total Fitness (also in Voorhees) closed. Nothing seems to thrive in Voorhees. The Voorhees Town Center (formerly known as the Echelon Mall) project, begun years ago, seems to be a failed attempt at injecting some kind of life back into the town. Yet, still, shops in the mall are filing in and out of operation like some kind of fast-paced game of musical chairs.

That bar that they wanted to put in? Yeah, they bailed after nine months of paltry sales. The food court, which seems to be acting as the center’s last financial leg, even sees its Chinese food and deli places close. And can we have a moment of silence for the Fuddrucker’s? God, I miss that place. And then there was the Lone Star on White Horse Road where I worked! Wow, come to think of it, there’s SO many businesses that have failed in the town neighboring my native Cherry Hill. Maybe I’ll delve into that further.

Well, there’s one idea, but I’d like to search for a few more. I’d love to hear my classmates’ ideas and get their feedback on my own ideas. If I could do something that required me to travel farther than two miles down the road, say, to Philadelphia, I’d welcome the change of scenery. I’ll admit, I was pretty bummed when I heard a student previously wrote about the Philly bar scene, but I’ll keep looking for ideas.


One response to “Research topic brainstorm

  1. It is a weird feeling to see so many things close, however I think your topic is going to boil down to the economy and the cost to run business. That wouldn’t work for me personally but if that’s your ticket go for it!
    As for traveling to Philly, there’s tons of history related things there. You could do the graveyard exercise in a Philly graveyard and see whom you find.You also find a local brew and delve into the making and history of it.

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