Final website evaluation

I never thought I could ever make anything, let alone my website, pretty to look at. But, here I am with a website of my own, and it looks bold and unique. The banner is a bit lame, but the juxtaposition of the pictures at the top of the page makes the page pop. Fitting the pictures between the navigation and the banner gives it a nice outline that reinforces the content’s prominence. There’s not much else to it, but I like it the way it is. No need to fix what ain’t broken and bloat the page.

And, perhaps, the best part of it all is it’s completely flexible. It might seem cheesy, but the picture of me pondering in the direction of the other picture works well. But, to prevent crowding on smaller screens, I decided to go with just the image of the game I reviewed below 768 pixels. All clickable elements are easy to tap with touch screens. The images, text and all the other elements all scale just the way I want them to.

As happy as I am with the finished product, there are a few things I would like to improve in the future. For example, text displays over the picture on the left of the home page when the pointer hovers over it. I would prefer to have text displayed over the picture at all times, but, because of the finicky nature of floats, I could not find a solution to this problem. I’ll keep trying, but the hover mechanic will have to do for now. Also, I’m not completely satisfied with the banner. It feels bland, but my creativity can only carry me so far, it seems. That, and the other pages on my site don’t share the sleek look of the home page.

All that aside, the website looks much better than I had ever imagined. At first, I sketched a vertical navigation, a slideshow and three content boxes placed horizontally below it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but, in retrospect, it was far too busy and unappealing. I even thought about having thumbnail images inside the boxes of content. Maybe someday, as I add more content to the site, that will be a possibility. I’m glad I decided to do less than I originally intended. After all, less is more.

When I fill my page with more content, I would like to make the left-hand “games” side of my home page a slideshow that scrolls through all my articles. Dr. Wolff provided us with a fully flexible and responsive slideshow, so that should be no problem. Although it’s an issue to tackle later, I wonder if I can hover text over each individual image in the slideshow. I’m sure it’s possible. I’ll just have to consult HTML-dog.

It feels good to create a website you can be proud of. I’ve come a long way from my first website, which featured an awful gray background and text, text and more text. I hope to keep improving the site, and my coding skills, throughout my graduate career.

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