My user persona for

Because I want to work in video game journalism, my user persona for my website is going to be (drum roll, please) someone who enjoys video games. Video games are more popular now than they’ve been previously, and more and more types of people are playing games, whether they are on a Playstation 3 or iPhone. That’s all well and good, but I envision my website as a place for the experienced gamer to read my thoughts and analysis of the industry.

My user persona is an 18- to 35-year-old male (I don’t plan on excluding women, but my website would be primarily for male audiences) who works an office job in front of a computer. I know from experience that working on a computer eight hours a day can be painfully snoozefestian, so my ideal user would sneak visits to my website to find respite when the boss isn’t looking. A headline for an article I posted ay catch their eye, but the boss is returning from his bathroom break, so they have to close the tab. They’ll read the article once they get home from a long day at the office.

My ideal user persona is someone who grew up playing video games. They still enjoy the classics, but they are interested in news games and experiences, too (they’re not hardcore fanboys, but they’re comfortable identifying themselves as gamers). They are comfortable with technology, browsing the web via desktop, smartphone or tablet. Hobbies include gaming, reading any kind of news and engaging in thought-provoking discussion. Although passionate about video games, my user persona is also in general guys stuff like sports, popular culture and beer.

Now that I have an image of this user persona in my mind, how do I get them to come to me? I see him finding me while clicking through his rotation of video game and consumer electronics news. He’ll visit my site to check out what someone else thinks of a popular or classic video game or industry trend because he considers this medium to be no different from film or TV – a growing, respectable pastime for which he has a special place in his heart.


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