My simple wireframe

I think it goes without saying that my simple wireframe is simple (for I am but a simple caveman). At first, I had a picture of myself in the top left corner, but I put my name there instead because it seemed more professional. I can always include a picture on my “about me” page.

Next, I have a list of my links below my name. I considered making this inline, but realized it wouldn’t make much sense because it’s not related to the material on the front page.

I have a slideshow tentatively placed at the top of my content area. I’m nervous about its inclusion because I have never made a slideshow in my life, but I decided to challenge myself. Several websites I visit use slideshows, and I like them, so I’ll give it a shot.

Finally, I have some other bits of content strewn throughout the bottom of the sketch in three separate boxes. I did this to split the content up and give it a uniform look. The top right is empty for now … perhaps I could put a picture there? Or maybe a twitter feed? I’m not sure. I’m concerned that it’ll look too basic and fail to stand out. Any comments and feedback would be extremely helpful.


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