My Design Persona

Brand name: Wayne Stainrook

Overview: I’m the kind of guy who likes to please a crowd. I don’t go seeking attention, but when people come to me, I often have more to say than I realize. This is kinda what I’m going for in my web design. Unfortunately, I am not very creative, so I’m aiming for a simple, refined atmosphere with my website. Ease of use and quality of content will be paramount. I want my website to be a place where video games can be discussed in a mature, light-hearted fashion (if that even makes any sense).

Brand traits:

Voice: I want to be professional and formal on my site, but I am not going to write like I’m writing a high school paper. I’ll use the first person, contractions, some slang and even throw in a couple jokes here and there. But, most importantly, I want people to view my writing as lean and thoughtful.

Copy Examples: Pieces of my writing that I would present to publish in a professional setting. Mostly formal, but, because we’re talking about entertainment, there will be some conversational tones sprinkled throughout.

Visual Lexicon: No outrageous colors. Just sleek, minimalistic use of some reds maybe to complement the white and black I’m picturing in my mind’s eye. A serif font will go nicely with the generally formal writing style I’m planning to employ.

Engagement methods: Comments! I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m throwing some ideas around. Maybe post screencaps from video games every now and then to get users talking about their favorite moments? I have a heapin’ helpin’ of web design to learn yet …


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