Getting my website off the ground

My website is still in its very basic stages of design. I have the front page centered, which I am going to align left so it looks more professional. I have a list and a blockquote just because those are things I know how to do. I need to venture into uncharted territory to try new things, but I am a bit nervous, to say the least. I want to remove my sidebar, as Dr. Wolff said it’s part of HMTL 5, so I feel as though I should try something else with my navigation. Perhaps I can make a footer and put my links at the bottom. I also used the background color Ethan Marcotte used in his design (DCDBD9), so I need to replace that, too. It’s all just very intimidating to try something through trial and error.


And there are certainly parts of the process that confuse me. I understand, for example, the target/context = result equation from “Responsive Web Design” on paper, but when I put something like that in my own CSS, I’m not even sure how to check if I’m doing it right. I plugged in the @mediascreen and (max-width: 768px) line from the book into my CSS, but I feel like I’m not learning anything by just doing what a book tells me. Perhaps I just need more time and experimentation to familiarize myself with the process. Until then, keep checking to see my progress.


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